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By this private instrument, MARIETA CNPJ: 26.830.278.0001-80 herein called SELLER and XXXXXXX.XXXXXXX, called BUYER, have fair and settled this contract, which shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and other clauses below, which the parties mutually undertake to comply:




1.1 The purpose of this contract is the sale of: 01 party dresses, model "X" on belonging to MARIETA, free and clear of any liens, as well as in perfect condition, conditions recognized by the BUYER in this act.

1.2 It can be found in the MARIETA studio from (DATE), and available for withdrawal if it is the buyer's option, otherwise it is under our responsibility.
1.3 The adjustments will be made through measurements sent by the buyer or through tests carried out in the physical store established in Alameda Lorena, 1924.

1.4 It is the responsibility of MARIETA store any adjustments and modifications that may be made to the dress, such as adjusting the numbering, changing small details, etc., without additional value.




2.1 Part value of BRL XXXXX

2.2 For payment of the party dress described in Clause One, the parties adjust the amount of
R$ XXXX, which will be paid by the BUYER via Credit, Debit or Cash Card.


THIRD CLAUSE - Product Exchange


3.1 It is the BUYER's entire responsibility for the model chosen for the purchase. 

3.2 The exchange is valid prior to any change or adjustment, limited to 2 exchanges (except for/for pieces with promotional values).
3.3 Exchanges can only be made after full payment for the chosen piece. (Payments in installments made to the credit card qualify as full payment).

3.4 Discounts negotiated for the first part purchased are not extended to exchanges. Therefore, in any product exchange, the value to be considered is the full value of the new part, minus the amount actually paid for the first part.

3.5 In case of exchange for a lower value piece, the remainder of the value can be used as credit for purchases at the store within 12 months.


FOURTH CLAUSE - Payment Terms


4.1 The BUYER may complete the purchase through 1 installment of 6, of the total value of the dress, which must be paid in cash, credit card, or any other form of payment in which both parties agree in advance.

4.2 The other installments have automatic maturity on the 30/60/90/120/150 days following the payment of the down payment, or on dates defined between the parties explained in the second clause.

4.3 Failure to pay subsequent installments within 150 days will cancel the purchase and sale contract and do not guarantee the availability of the part.

4.4 In case of contract cancellation due to default, the amount paid is not refunded under any circumstances.


FIFTH CLAUSE - Waiver or Cancellation


5.1 The BUYER is aware that any amount paid to complete the sale, established in Paragraph 1 of Clause 4, will not be refunded under any circumstances. As with the other installments, if the full payment of the dress is not finalized..

5.2 In case of withdrawal of the garment, upon TOTAL payment of the dress, the full amount is converted into credit for purchase at the store, valid for 24 months, not nominal.

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