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How do I buy my dress?

You can buy on the website, or, if you prefer, contact one of our sellers for advice via WhatsApp or to schedule a day to try on your dress, thus finalizing your purchase in our physical store. 


How do I know if you have my size?

Contact us if you have any questions about the sizes described.  If we don't have it, we'll leave it in your number! We work with tailor-made adjustments for our customers, as this way we avoid having many repeated parts in our stores. We have  internal workshops  we specialize in adjusting our pieces, and we can make adjustments for bigger or smaller (with some limitations) and make the dress of your dreams look perfect on your body.


Return Exchanges

As we know that we often find the dress long before the event, and we are a little afraid to buy it and like another one later, we do not have an exchange deadline . While the piece is not adjusted, we exchange it for any other dress , so you can guarantee one that you loved, but you have the option to fall in love again and be sure of your choice!

In case of return, you will be credited with the total amount of your purchase for a future purchase! 
We do not cancel or refund money on purchases in physical stores or on already adjusted pieces purchased online (website or WhatsApp). We do not exchange promotional pieces. We do not exchange or return international orders.


Purchase Agreement  

Click here to view the terms of the purchase agreement.

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